About Us

Welcome to Charge360. We provide client centered, result driven, online payment solutions that are geared towards saving our clients time and increasing their revenue. You can think of Charge360 as a direct extension of your business. You love taking care of your clients, growing your business and serving your communities. Our job is to provide you solutions that are tailored to your specific needs related to taking payment online from your customers.

We pride ourselves in building relationships, not making sales. Before we started Charge360 we had other businesses also. We always experienced how every call we got was about sales, every person who visited was about closing a deal with us. Some provided good customer service; others ok customer service and some not so good because they were too pushy or just did not care about knowing our business requirements. What really got to us was that when we finally decided to move forward with a particular service the customer service level would drop dramatically and our company will be like any another company

When we started Charge360 we vowed to be different, to take a stand, and not give meaningless sales pitches, but rather take the time to build a relationship with our customers. We believe that our current customers deserve excellent service because they have already put their trust in us, are already doing business with us and deserve our very best. Potential customers are not any less important. They are different in the sense that they are not yet a client. Potential clients will receive superior customer service. We will take the time to understand their needs, provide tailored solutions, and deliver prompt follow up to earn their trust and welcome them to the Charge360 family.

Please feel free to browse to our website and become familiar with the services we offer. We would love to hear from you. Give us a call!

Our Values

Our Customers

Are the center of everything we do
Always do what’s right for our customers
Strive to build long lasting relationships

Our Team Members

Provide a great work environment that inspires our staff to do great things
Encourage creativity and innovation
Reward dedication and hard work

Product & Services

Apply the highest standard of excellence to every product and service we offer
Bring forth products and services that make a difference in the market place
Stand behind every product and service we offer


Easy Payment System

Check Payments made Easy & Fast with Charge360

Use Anywhere

Our Online interface is accessable from anywhere

Real Time Verification

Real Time Verification of the Bank Accounts & the Checks

Refund & Dispute

Our System will allow you to refund your Customer Easily & Manage disputes


Charge360 will allow you to capture online Signature of the Customer

Recurring Biling

Charge360 allows you to do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly billings

Why To Think Of How To Accept
Check Payemnts Fast & Online


Our Services

Check Processing

Accept check over phone web or fax.....

Check Verification

Verify the Bank Account Real Time weather they are active & they have Sufficient Balance

Email Invoicing

Send invoice to your customers over email and collect payment through checks

Make Check Payments

You can make a payments to your suppliers through Charge360. If they are on our platform or you can send them a check

How It Works


Verify bank & the check details of your customers


Accept the payments through check over phone, web or fax


Get the payment amount deposited in your bank account


  • $49 per month
  • 10 Checks
  • Manual Check Entry
  • Automated Emailed Receipts
  • Live Chat & Email Support
  • $5 per check post 10 checks
  • 6102062586
  • $199 per month
  • 75 Checks
  • Create Pay By Check Link
  • Automated Emailed Receipts
  • Phone & Chat Support
  • $3 per check post 75 checks
  • 850-443-2314
  • Contact Us
  • Custom # of Checks
  • Create Pay By Check Link
  • Automated Emailed Receipts
  • Phone & Chat Support
  • As Per Agreement

Get in Touch

1-703-483-9288 support@charge360.com

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